Tabble booking regulation


We can accept reservations by phone, in person and online.

In the case of telephone and in person bookings we are at your disposal and provide immediate feedback on the booking confirmation or the need to change it. Our phone number is available from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m., Monday through Sunday. We can arrange personal resrevation during our opening hours. 

In case of booking online, we will have a notification of the booking. We will manually check the booking requests every evening. If we can provide place in our restaurant, we will confirm the booking request, if not, the booking will unfortunately have to be rejected. We will send notifications of each replies to the e-mail address provided. (beware, this email may even end up in your spam folder). If your reservation is rejected, you will need to make another online reservation for another date, or you may need to contact us in person or by phone. Due to the manual check of our online reservation system cannot add bookings for that day, the earliest booking date is the day after the time of reservation. If you want to book for the day in question, we recommend that you contact us by phone. Furthermore, we have the right to close future dates due to a full house or an extraordinary event, thereby preventing you from booking for inactive dates.
In case of a table reservation - even in case of a larger reservation - we only reserve a table! This allows other guests to be welcomed in a specific guest room of the restaurant. Full use of a room can only be ensured after individual consultation.
We can only accept your reservation with an exact date and number of people.

We can maintain the reserved table for 15 minutes. If we do not receive information about your delay, we may provide the table for other guests beyond 15 minutes from the time booked. In this case, we cannot accept a complaint.
If you book for more than 8 people, please provide the list of dishes in advance! This not only makes the work of our kitchen easier, but also shortens the time of  preparing the meals you ordered. It is enough to submit the list of dishes 1 day before the event, which can be indicated by phone, e-mail or even in the comments section when booking a table online.


Any changes of the reservation can only be made if it has been specifically agreed and approved. We accept no liability for inconveniences resulting from non-negotiated amendments.


Thanks for your understanding!
We are waiting for you!