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Creppy Brand

Creppy is the brand of premium crepe catering with international reputation. Our exceptionally famous crepe dishes with a unique athmosphere present the supreme Creppy experience.

Creppy is the representative of the available and exacting gastronomy which revolutionized the catering business.

Creppy restaurants and bistros are real culinary experience centers where our crepe dishes enchant our guests.

Creppy is the proud owner of several national and international recognitions.

The founder-owner of Creppy brand, Reka Oszlanczi deserved the award of Young Ernterpreneur of the Year in 2014 and based on this she held a lot of presentations nation-wide. She is the regionl president of Young Enterpreneurs Association. She represented Hungary in the USA, in the world summit of Young Enterpreneurs in 2016.

The unique franchise conception of Creppy has won the prize of IFA (International Franchise Association) in 2019. It has got into the best nextgen franchise systems of the world in 2019. The founders of Creppy has been invited to Las Vegas, USA where they can receive this prize.

The names of Creppy and Reka Oszlanczi have been intertwisted, lots of appreciative article and professional press material appeear permanently in different press medias.

Creppy PalacsintaHáz Restaurant

Creppy PalacsintaHáz is the representative of premium quality crepe catering of Creppy brand in Miskolc. It fascinates the guests with unique Creppy crepes which made based on Creppy's strict principles.  

Creppy has acquired a national popularity because of its several, special, refreshing crepe dishes based on unique recipes. The reason of this recognition is the impressive Creppy experience. Creppy PalacsintaHáz is the base and display restaurant of the protected Creppy brand.


Creppy Center Restaurant

Known as the largest crepe and pancake center in Hungary, Creppy Center is nothing more than a multifunctional catering center. It functions as the newest and one of the most special event houses in the region, where we can make events suitable for up to 150 people, family and friends gatherings and business events unforgettable in an exclusive environment.

In addition, the Creppy Center serves as the training and logistics center for the Creppy restaurant network, supporting our partners as well as the base of Creppy’s home delivery business




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