Creppy PalacsintaHáz Miskolc is the unique representative of special crepe catering on restaurant level in the country. It has directed its unique gastronomic revolution from the city of Miskolc, from the heart of the Avas cellar-world. It Because of the lots of, constantly updated special crepe dishes based on unique recipes it has gained national popularity, which reason is the stunning Creppy experience for the most part. Creppy PalacsintaHáz Miskolc is the base and show-restaurant of the protected brand of Creppy.

Known as the largest crepe center in Hungary, Creppy Center is nothing more that a multifunctional catering center. It functions as the newest and one of the most special event centers in the region, where events suitable for up to 150 persons, family and friend gatherings and business events can be made unforgettable with crepe menu in an exclusive athmosphere and environment. However Creppy Center serves as the educational and logistic center of Creppy restaurant network, supporting our partners. It is also the base of home delivery business branch of Creppy.