PaLunch regulation


PaLunch is available every workdays between 12 a.m.- 3 p.m. Official workdays from Monday to Friday rate weekday. PaLunch cannot be available on weekends, holidays or the days of a long weekend.

The content of the PaLunch offer can be selected individually. It consists of two small portions of soup, three portions of our savory crepe spcialities and one portion of sweet crepe speciality from our current offer each week. PaLunch is always complied by our kitchen staff. Its content has to be provide a complete lunch meal in value for money and the combination of the dishes is in harmony with each other. It is not possible to deviate from the offer of the PaLunch lunch menu, we cannot exchange the dishes for an alternative food choice. If our recipe allows, PaLunch dishes are also made from special allergen-free ingredients (gluten-, lactose-free, sugar-free), but in this case we also charge a surcharge of the modified ingredients.

The content of the PaLunch offer is changed weekly, however, in cae of any extraordinary event (eg. lack of ingredients) we have the right to change the lunch menu. In this case, we provide an alternative menu offer, about which our colleges will provide the information. 

The prices of the dishes included in the PaLunch lunch offer have discount, fixed prices per food category. Creppy Fan Club members receive the discount of an additional 10% discount. If the guest does not have this card, you can redeem it free of charge on the fanclub.creppy.hu website before the purchase and we will immediately provide the additional discount. The discounted Creppy Fan Club price of PaLunch cannot be combined with other discounts.

If you pack the PaLunch menu to take away, we will charge a packing fee per item.