Gift card regulation

This Policy sets out the general terms and conditions for the Creppy Gift Card.


Creppy Franchise System Kft.
registered office: H-3530 Miskolc, Nagyavasi sor 212.
tax identification number: 25028900-2-05,
company registration number: 05-09-027359,
the court of registration of the company: the Court of Registration of the General Court of Miskolc


The Organizer creates and manages the current rules related to the gift card, which it is entitled to change, however, we are obliged to publish the changes on our website at least 15 (fifteen) days before the change takes effect. 



Gift Card issuer:
The Gift Card is sold by the operator of the respective Creppy restaurant.  Creppy Franchise System Kft. does not take responsibility for the Gift Cards sold by the Issuer, the uploaded amounts are included in the Issuer's cash management.

Gift card redemption location:
The Creppy Gift Card is tied to a restaurant, all Gift Cards can only be used in the Creppy restaurant where the card was loaded. There is no interoperability between our restaurants regarding the Gift Card. In which restaurant the Gift Card was issued, you can buy the amount uploaded to it in the same restaurant. The validity period of the card and the restaurant accepting it will be indicated on a card at the time of purchase to remind you how long you can redeem it and which Creppy restaurant can accept it. 

Uploading the Gift Card:
When purchasing a Gift Card, you will need to pay an amount equal to the top-up value of the Creppy Gift Card. The minimum top-up amount is HUF 1,000. The Gift Card can be topped up with any amount exceeding the minimum top-up value, without an upper limit.

Top-up can be done by cash, credit card or SZÉP card payment method.

We can top up the Creppy Gift Card once. After using the full amount on the Creppy Gift Card, we will not be able to top up the same Gift Card. The Creppy Gift Card is non-refundable and non-cashable even during its Validity Period.

Refilling a Creppy Gift Card does not qualify as a taxable sale of goods and services under applicable tax provisions. When you top up your Gift Card, we will issue a non-tax receipt to you confirming that you have paid the top-up amount.

Gift Card validity period:
The Gift Card is valid for 1 year from the date of topping up (within 365 calendar days), during which time the topped up amount can be consumed, after which the balance of the Gift Card becomes invalid. The unused balance on the Gift Card will remain on the card until the last day of the Validity Period. Creppy employees are happy to provide information on the balance and validity period of a particular Creppy Gift Card.

Redemption of the gift card:
With the Gift Card, you can pay for the food, drinks and services at the respective Creppy restaurant. This is good for local consumption as well as takeaway and home delivery products.

All you need is the Gift Card itself, which must be announced in advance to our colleagues when making a payment. Ont he spot our colleague asks the Gift Card to check your balance and deduct the appropriate amount from it. In case of ordering by phone, by dictating the serial number of the gift card, you consent to us being able to access the data of the Gift Card and to deduct the appropriate amount from it.

When the Creppy Gift Card is counted - in accordance with the relevant tax regulations - we issue a tax receipt with sales vouchers charged with sales taxes on the Goods and Services sold.

You can use the Creppy Gift Card as a payment method several times during the validity period, as long as you have the amount on the card. If the total amount of the invoice does not reach the value of the balance on the card during the purchase with the Gift Card, the difference between the value of the purchase and the balance of the card is non-refundable. The balance of the Gift Card cannot be redeemed for cash, it cannot be returned to a bank card, it cannot be used to buy another Gift Card, there is no way for repurchase.

If the final amount of the invoice is higher than the balance on the Gift Card, the difference must be paid by another payment method.

Balance inquiry:
We provide information about the current balance and validity period of the Gift Card: you can ask for this from the employee of the Creppy restaurant or at the e-mail address marketing@creppy.hu.

Gift card complaint handling:
In case of a complaint regarding the use of the Gift Card, please try directly at the Issuer's Creppy restaurant where you purchased the Gift Card during its opening hours. You can also communicate your complaint to us by writing a letter to the registered office of the Issuer or in electronic form to our e-mail address marketing@creppy.hu. We are obliged to resolve all complaints related to the use of the Gift Card within 30 (thirty) days from the submission of the written complaint.

Other provisions:
By receiving the Gift Card, you declare that you have read these Regulations, accepted their contents and undertake to comply with the provisions of the Regulations. If you transfer the Gift Card to another person (eg as a gift), you will be informed about the terms of use of these Regulations, as the terms of use will apply to him / her from now on.

Hereinafter, we are liable to consumers for defective performance in accordance with the principles set forth in the provisions of the Civil Code.