Family Party

Offer of the Creppy:


Creppy lemonade (Lemonade with fresh lemon and orange slices) 
Creppy flavoured lemonades (Shrek lemonade, Gru lemonade, Fruit lemonade)
Mineral water (Sparkling, still) 

  • CHICKEN SOUP WITH CREPE STRIPS - served in bowls
  • OPTIONAL SAVORY CREPE ​DISHES - for two persons

​Zeus crepe dish (Gyros spiced turkey with olive berries, purple onion and tomato in sesamed crepe with feta cheese and tzatziki)
Fried crepe dish (Rakaván crepe= Fried crepes in sesamed skin, filled with mustard chicken breast, smokey cheese and bacon, served with pickles, Fried Camembert crepe= Fried crepes filled with camembert cheese in almond skin served with home made cherry sauce)
Svejk's favourite crepe dish (Burgundy tasted beef stew with sheep cottage-cheese vegetables crepe rolls and bacon cubes)


Price:  8 030 HUF/person 

Creppy Fan Club price:  7 357 HUF/person 



  • ​OPTIONAL DESSERT CREPE (small portion)

​Aloha crepe (Cocoa crepe filled with Nutella, pineapple, banana, served with vanilla cream and whipped cream)
Túróvarázs crepe (Crepe filled with cottage-cheese cream and peach cubes served with vanilla pudding)

Gundel crepe ( Traditional hungarian crepe filled with walnut cream with raisins soaked in rum and  chocolate sauce, flaming if you wish)


​Price: 10 101 HUF/person 

Creppy Fan Club price: 9 257 HUF/person 


Event offers' prices includes 10% service charge!