Dinner with friends

Offer of the Creppy:


​Creppy lemonade (Lemonade with fresh lemon and orange slices) 
Creppy flavoured lemonades (Shrek lemonade, Gru lemonade, Fruit lemonade)
Mineral water (Sparkling, still) 


  • OPTIONAL SAVORY CREPE ​(small portions) 

​Zeus crepe (Gyros spiced turkey with olive berries, purple onion and tomato in sesamed crepe with feta cheese and tzatziki)
Ínyenc crepe (Grilled chicken slices served in parstley crepe with fresh vegetables and garlic sour creme
Rakaván crepe (Fried crepes in sesamed skin, filled with mustard chicken breast, smokey cheese and bacon, served with pickles)
Svejk's favourite crepe (Burgundy tasted beef stew with sheep cottage cream, vegetabled crepe rolls and bacon cubes)
Las Vega crepe (Spinach-green crepe filled with cider vinegary mushroom and tomato, served with special gorgonzole cream)

  • ​OPTIONAL DESSERT CREPE (small portion)

​Aloha crepe (Cocoa crepe filled with Nutella, pineapple, banana, served with vanilla cream and whipped cream)
Túróvarázs crepe (Crepe filled with cottage-cheese cream and peach cubes served with vanilla pudding)
Gundel crepe ( Traditional hungarian crepe filled with walnut cream with raisins soaked in rum and  chocolate sauce, flaming if you wish)


​Price:  6 592 HUF/person 

Creppy Fan Club price:  6 067 HUF/person 



Event offers' prices includes 10% service charge!